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The AAM Course at Altrincham Advanced Motorists

The AAM Course

How can AAM help me?

Altrincham Advanced Motorists (AAM) offers fixed length courses in advanced motoring to members of the public. Those embarking on a course become associate members of IAMRoadSmart (formerly the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)). Each course centres around practical driving sessions, or observed runs, during which trained Observers, who are also full members of IAMRoadSmart, observe and advise associates on the best way to improve their driving skills. There are six observed runs in each course and these are conducted in the associate’s own car. Also included in each course are two Briefing sessions (which are less formal than the phrase implies) and a 'Meet the Examiner' evening. The Briefing sessions take place in Sale a few days before Runs 1 and 3 and the Meet the Examiner' session, takes place before Run 6.

The observed runs take place on Sunday mornings once a fortnight from AAM's meeting point in the carpark of Sainsbury's supermarket in Sale. Each run lasts about two hours.

Between Runs 5 and 6, the Associate will be ready to demonstrate the advanced motoring skills he or she has learnt on the course. A serving or retired Police Officer who holds a Police Advanced Driver Certificate and appointed by IAIAMRoadSmart  as an examiner will observe a drive of around one and a half hours in the associate's own car, after which they will award a Test Pass to succesful Associates. About 95% of our Associates are successful at the first attempt.

Courses start in January, April/May and August.

AAM may at its own discretion invite advanced motorists who become full members of  iamRoadSmart and AAM to take further guidance to become Observers. This involves being  trained and qualified to tutor Associates taking the Advanced Driver course.

Advantages of Advanced Motoring

  • As an advanced driver, as long as you conscientiously and rigorously apply the system of car control, your chances of being involved in a road traffic accident are dramatically reduced and the chances of you being the cause of an accident are reduced even further.
  • Your passengers will have smooth and relaxed journeys.
  • Your car will suffer less wear and tear and your maintenance bills will fall. Your fuel economy will improve. Your insurance company may, at its discretion, reduce your insurance premium.
  • However, the objective of Advanced Motoring is safety above all else. But you will learn to make progress where it is safe and appropriate to do so (subject to the prevailing speed limit); your cross-country point-to-point journey times are likely to be reduced.
  • Your confidence in your abilities and skills will naturally increase.

In summary, your driving will be safe, smooth, systematic and progressive.

How much does it cost?

The course and test are in a package called “ADVANCED DRIVER”, which currently costs £175. This includes all observed runs using your own vehicle, three classroom sessions, and training manuals. The Advanced Test fee is also included, and upon successful completion, your 12 month full membership of iamRoadSmart commences. You will be invited to renew this on the first anniversary of your test, at the current annual fee of £33.00.

Your membership of Altrincham Advanced Motorists (your local group) begins ater you pass your test and we will invite you to renew annually in March. Annual membership of Altrincham Advanced Motorists is currently £10.00. 

Our observers are all volunteers, and as such provide their tuition on both the classroom sessions and observed runs free of charge.

Existing full members of iamRoadSmart are welcome to join Altrincham Advanced Motorists for our existing annual subscription of £10.00.

How does the Group Operate?

Altrincham Advanced Motorists pioneered the fixed length advanced driving course, a successful concept that is continuing to spread to other iamRoadSmart  affiliated groups across the UK. Using this format, AAM has generated around 2000 advanced driving tests. In 1997 the Group won the inaugural BP award in recognition of its contribution to road safety.

AAM has provided courses to local motor businesses and taxi operators. iamRoadSmart certificates prominently displayed in garage reception areas give confidence to customers that their cars will be especially well cared for at that establishment!

AAM has produced a training video, which demonstrates the system of car control in practical use. Associate and full members can buy or hire the AAM video or DVD, and a Road Craft video produced by the Metropolitan Police Driving School, which shows Police drivers being taught the system of car control.

Occasional social events and visits are arranged for full and associate members of the Group to which family and friends are also welcome.

How do I join the Group?

If you are interested in joining the group the " Contacts" page provides a telephone number and  email address for further enquiries.

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